Xonca Inventory Controls

Use the Xonca Inventory Controls to help alleviate back-order headaches, keep track of stock, alert you when it’s time to re-order, etc.

All of your products are automatically inventoried when you create  webitems. You control the amount of information kept in the inventory area, i.e., if you don’t want to list the SKU number, it is not mandatory, or if you are not interested in keeping track of your inventory, that’s fine, too.


Log-in to the administration area of your store. NOTE: Fields with an orange bar at the end are REQUIRED fields — you must enter something.


You may search for specific Inventory Items (webitems) by PRODUCT, SKU, or by entire CATEGORY. Or, you may simply Click the default Category ANY, and SEARCH and all WebItems will be displayed.

The following information is available for each WebItem displayed:

  • NAME
  • STATUS (Off/On) (Note:  In order for the inventory manager to keep track of products sold and for items to appear in the inventory reporting area, Status must be On. Basically, the main reason any item would be set to Off is if it is no longer available for sale in your online store.)
  • QTY
  • MIN AVAILABLE (Note: Min Available example — You can specify the number of items in stock in order to prevent overselling. You have 50 blue T-shirts in stock. If you set the minimum available to 45, once inventory reaches that point, the item becomes unavailable for purchase in your storefront.)
  • REORDER LEVEL (Note:  Reorder Level clues you that it is time to reorder inventory before it becomes out of stock.)
  • SKU

Tab or Click from field to field and enter the desired information.



Managing Inventory

When you are finished updating your e-commerce store, be sure to log-out.