Welcome to the Arquan Xonca e-commerce system administration area. All aspects of your e-commerce storefront regarding products, orders, etc., are managed through the administration area. After logging into the administration area, use the top menu bar to navigate to all of the main functions of the e-commerce system.

The Xonca e-commerce system administration area is designed to be very simple to operate. There is also a help menu option on the top menu bar which will open up this documentation any time you need to access this manual.

This document contains instructions on every feature and function of the administration area to help you operate the system. Review the table of contents for specific topics of discussion in this manual. The manual is broken into sections that cover each one of the top menu bar links and functions found within that menu item.

If you discover an error, something that we have missed, or have a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@arquan.com letting us know how we can improve this manual.

Thank you for using the Arquan Xonca e-commerce system.