12/18/06 Xonca Ecommerce Software Released

Xonca has been commercially released. After a lot of hard work, arguing about features, and pounding tables, Xonca is now available to the general public. Xonca is built to appeal to three specific groups. Web designers, SEO professionals, and merchants needing an easy to use administration area are the target market for Xonca. Xonca is a search engine friendly ecommerce software designed to be VERY easy to operate from the administrative side. Arquan is also seeking to attract qualified reseller and affiliate partners.

11/9/06 Xonca Shopping Cart Software Press Release

Arquan has announced the upcoming release of Xonca 3.0 shopping cart software. Xonca, to be commercially released in December 2006, is built to be very easy to operate, yet contain powerful features. Xonca is also built to give web designers and Search Engine Optimization professionals a e-commerce software they want to deliver to thier clients. Certified web designers have complete control over the design layout. Built in SEO tools make Xonca search engine friendly as well.

11/1/06 Arquan gets a nice mention from Webmaster World Press Release

Arquan received a nice mention in the sponsors listing from the folks at Webmaster World in a press release about the upcoming Pubcon conference in Las Vegas where Arquan is a sponsor. Arquan will be attending the conference November 14-17 to promote its new shopping cart software, Xonca, and to keep abreast of the latest Internet industry events including Search Engine Optimization. Google, Yahoo, and other leading online companies will be present.

9/06 Xonca Shopping Cart Software Release

Arquan is pleased to announce Xonca, the next version of shopping cart software which will be released in November 06. The coming version offers even more flexibility for web designers and a host of new powerful features. Enjoy seamless integration of this storefront with your current design.

12/23/05 Wichita Eagle Article

Arquan was honored to be featured in a Wichita Eagle newspaper article. The article entitled “High Tech on the Plains” discusses Arquan’s services and e-commerce shopping cart software.

7/13/05 PayPal Website Payments Pro Certified

Arquan was recently invited by Paypal along with a small number of shopping cart vendors to join a special development team for the new Payments Pro product offering.

PayPal Website Payments Pro allows customers to pay with a credit card directly on your web site, or, using PayPal Express Checkout, pay quickly and securely with an existing PayPal account.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the integration and certification of this new PayPal product offering feature with ArCart.

1/11/05 Notify a Friend functionality added to ArCart 2.5

Due to popular request, we have added the Notify a Friend function to the ArCart 2.5 shopping cart software. Now, you can send a friend a link and an email about a product found in an ArCart enabled online store.

12/16/04 ArCart 2.5 version released

With a completely redesigned admin interface and many small enhancements, ArCart 2.5 was released. An improved admin interface allows for easier navigation, category maintenance, product management and increased error checking make it a much improved admin area.

11/05/04 Verified by Visa / Mastercard Secure Code integration

ArCart now supports Payer Authentication! Payer Authentication is Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code functionality that is built right into ArCart shopping cart software. Payer Authentication is designed to help reduce fraud and give the merchant added protection against costly chargebacks. Once a credit card has been registered with Visa or Mastercard by the card owner, and the card is used to purchase from a web site that supports Payer Authentication, additional information is required to make the purchase other than just the card number and CID number. Even if a card is stolen, the thief would have to know what the password is and personal information about the card owner to use the card on the web site. In addition, merchants are protected against chargebacks on sales made using Payer Authentication. If you are interested in learning more about Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code, please visit the following links:

10/04/04 ArCart gets certified by industry leader Cybersource gateway

ArCart is now certified by the industry leader Cybersource as a certified shopping cart for the Cybersource gateway platform. Cybersource sets an industry standard for security and reliability. Cybersource offers the real-time internet gateway and a very nice online administrative area for merchants needing quality, and affordability. Cybersouce also offers a combined gateway plus Internet Merchant Account package in one convenient monthly bundle.

9/23/04 Arquan completes full integration of PayPal using IPN

Arquan has completed integration of PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) method into the ArCart shopping cart software. By using the IPN method, ArCart software is able to talk to PayPal servers and receive notification when actual payments have been made. Using this methodology has enabled ArCart to provide real-time inventory controls even when users pay with PayPal. The orders show up just like normal orders, but are marked as Pending until actual payment has been received. So, no worries about shipping your products before the actual PayPal payment posts. ArCart is a PayPal certified shopping cart vendor.

9/01/04 ArCart now is able to produce static html sites

Many Internet merchants want to further their online marketing efforts and Search Engine Optimization techniques by having static web sites. However, shopping carts typically pull information from a database, and users browse the catalog dynamically. Search engine spiders do not, or will not, crawl these dynamic paths to get deep into your web site. If you feel that a statically generated web site shopping cart is the right move for you, we can help you accomplish your objectives. Check out a couple of the sites that run static shopping carts using ArCart.

09/03 ArCart 2.0 released

ArCart 2.0 is released. ArCart 2.0 is Arquan’s flexible shopping cart software solution that is built, maintained and customized in-house. ArCart 2.0 contains a host of new features making the software a flexible solution for small to large businesses and designers who are seeking flexible e-commerce software to deploy for their customers.