For your on-line store, you will need:

  1. An Internet Merchant Account (IMA)
  2. A payment processing gateway that processes and authorizes the on-line payments

The IMA is required so that you can accept credit card payments on-line. It IS NOT the same as a Retail Merchant Account. You cannot use a Retail Merchant Account for taking orders on the Internet. Arquan works with several Internet Merchant Account providers. You may also obtain an Internet Merchant Account from the bank of your choice. Please contact Arquan if you have questions or would like to know if Xonca can interface with a certain provider.

The gateway is required because that is what authorizes the payments real-time. It takes the payment information from the shopping cart software, contacts the card issuer’s bank, receives the request answer, and hands the answer back to the Xonca shopping cart software.

Arquan prefers to work with partners that offer the IMA and gateway in a consolidated package. Please see our list of preferred providers below. is a well-known gateway provider in the industry and offers Internet Merchant Accounts through the Secure Source program. It is a virtual Internet Merchant account provided by Wells Fargo Bank. All fees will be charged by

To learn more about the Integrated Payment Service, pricing information, and to apply for an account, click here.


Cybersource is Arquan’s preferred vendor for Internet Merchant Accounts plus gateway or for a gateway only package. Cybersouce offers the integrated Internet Merchant Account + gateway package. They are an industry leader in the area of on-line payment processing gateways, and have unparalleled security features for on-line payment processing. All fees will be charged by Cybersource.

Click here to see details and sign up for the Cybersource Internet Merchant Account + gateway package. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete the on-line application.

PayPal Website Payments Pro

PayPal has a new product offering that allows customers to pay with a credit card directly on your website, or using PayPal Express Checkout, pay quickly and securely with an existing PayPal account.

We are pleased to announce that we were part of the beta development team and have completed the integration and certification of this new Paypal product offering feature with Xonca.

To sign up, or learn more about using Paypal’s Website Payments Pro with Xonca click here.


If you have questions regarding Internet merchant accounts, please contact us.

Arquan Comments

If you already have an Internet Merchant Account and just need the gateway, we can set you up with the Cybersouce gateway only package. Please contact us for more information and to obtain an application.

If you already have an Internet Merchant Account AND a gateway, and want to know if Xonca is compatible with your gateway provider, please contact us. We will happily provide a gateway interface, as long as the gateway provider offers adequate documentation and supports complex API calls. We currently offer gateway payment templates for:

  • Cybersource
  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro